At TradeIX, our people are our most important asset. We are proud of our team so we spotlight our employees in this ongoing blog series.

What are the 3 words that would describe TradeIX?
Dynamic. Challenging. Rewarding.

Why did you choose to join TradeIX?
I could see a very exciting opportunity to be involved at an early stage with a company that was clearly going places. From what I could see of the culture and the people involved, it looked like a company that I would enjoy working for. The evolving nature of a business such as TradeIX is something that excites me and the potential of the product is immense.

How is a typical day in your office?
Making numbers dance every day. More specifically, given the phase our business is in, every day is very busy, which is a great thing. With the size of our Finance Team my role is very much a full function role, meaning that I have to be across all aspects of the business. The aim is to facilitate the business to run smoothly and allow key people to make the best decisions with the best information.

If TradeIX was turned into a famous movie, what would it be?
Jerry Maguire

What’s your next goal and how do you see working with TradeIX help you achieving it?
Help TradeIX grow in 2018 and ensure all the processes needed to facilitate this from a finance side are put in place.

If you could swap role with somebody within the company for one day, who would it be and why?
Dani Cotti, our CDO. I’m curious to know how a full day on the Starburst diet feels.

What are some projects that you have recently been involved with?
TradeIX budgets for 2018, implementation of UK pension scheme, payrolls for Irish entity, audit of both UK and Irish entity.

Aidan McKenzie, Financial Controller

Aidan is a CPA with previous experience across mining, engineering, manufacturing and retail sectors. He has managed finance teams of varying sizes both domestically and internationally. During his career he has been responsible for strategic and organisational planning, finance and commercial management, business process improvements, IT system implementations, contract management and all key aspects of internal control and compliance.