At TradeIX, our people are our most important asset. We are proud of our team so we spotlight our employees in this ongoing blog series.

What are the 3 words that would describe TradeIX?
Flat. Focused. Nimble

Why did you choose to join TradeIX?
To bring trade finance to as many small businesses as possible. Globally.

How is a typical day in your office?
Mornings are spent helping with any issues for the current sprint such as bug triages and standups. I keep my calendar as light as possible in the mornings so I can clear any sprint blockers and talk to any of the team first.

Afternoons are usually spent planning future sprints and any development work.

If TradeIX was turned into a famous movie, what would it be?
Crimson Tide

What’s your next goal and how do you see working with TradeIX help you achieving it?
My next goal is to build a team that can deliver high quality software as quickly as possible. I’d like to build a culture in that team that is always pushing speed and quality up.

If you could swap role with somebody within the company for one day, who would it be and why?
Dave Sutter or Brendan Duhamel. I’d love to spend time listening to and working with our potential customers so we can work out their un-articulated needs which (I believe) is what builds lasting and innovative tech companies.

What are some projects that you have recently been involved with?
Phase 1 of our Marco Polo project.

Joseph Lee, Development Lead

Joe is a software engineer with a consultancy background who helped build large projects for blue chip clients from major retailers to pharmaceutical companies. He believes that high quality software is a function of giving a team the right culture to work in.