Technology Innovation for Trade and Supply Chain


We are disrupting the trade and supply chain landscape through innovation and technology solutions. Our technology benefits all trade and supply chain parties through enhanced funding opportunities, improved client experience, greater connectivity, flexibility; all alongside lower operational costs, and reduced risk.

Our innovative technology is used by multiple financial institutions and leading multinational companies:

  • Our technology is used by over twenty financial institutions and the distributed Marco Polo Platform as part of the largest and fastest growing trade finance network in the world.
  • DHL is using the TradeIX technology for its revolving receivable finance program leveraging blockchain technology.
  • Siemens Financial Service has used the TradeIX technology to pilot the industry’s first blockchain-based smart guarantees in trade finance.

Based on the technology developed by TradeIX, users can use the solutions wholisticaly or integrate with other third-party solutions, and/or develop their own to best fulfil their requirements. Our technology is modular and highly customisable, able to meet the specifications of many different types of clients and partners.

Our technology integrates directly into bespoke IT platforms and ERP systems. It allows financial institutions and their corporate clients to drive digitalization, increase efficiencies and automate processes in trade, treasury, supply chain and risk mitigation.

Changing the face of innovation

Our innovation in trade finance technology is based on the world’s first graphical interface for the creation and management of rules and workflows in trade and working capital finance, on more than two hundreds of open APIs as well as modular and distributed applications leveraging blockchain technology.

The market has recognized our contribution to the global trade and supply chain finance market with over a dozen awards including Supply Chain Finance Innovation of the Year, Best New Blockchain Solution of the Year, Innovator in Global Trade and Best Fintech Disruptor.


TradeIX Awards Awards TradeIX Awards

Why leveraging blockchain technology

The trade and supply chain solutions developed by TradeIX are leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology because of:

  • Efficiency – Transactions are completed directly between the relevant parties with no intermediary using digitised information.
  • Auditability – Each transaction is recorded sequentially and indefinitely providing an indelible audit trail throughout the life of an asset between parties.
  • Traceability – Allows the tracking of goods and assets, as well as enhancing the data with related asset information, for example from logistics providers.
  • Transparency – Increases details of transactions against the commercial agreements to improve trust between parties.
  • Security – Each transaction is verified within the network using independently verified complex cryptography with an assured authenticity of the information.