The Globe and Mail

In a recent interview published on April 22nd with the Globe and Mail, Canada’s most widely read newspaper, Dan Juliano, Managing Director Americas at TradeIX comments about the different trade finance consortium in the market. Each group has targeted different niches within trade finance, and the long-term challenge may be merging what they develop to make a common standard.

“How do I get to a point where we could all collaborate and work together, so you’re not just creating bigger silos?” said Dan Juliano. After years of discussions and tinkering, 2018 is also the year many companies are expected to make the leap from experimental proofs to live blockchain transactions − at least in parallel with existing, more old-fashioned systems. “All this talk has got to end and you’ve got to start getting real value out there now,” Dan Juliano said. “Otherwise, it’s going to lose some of the momentum that blockchain has right now.”

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