As an active user of the Invisionapp for the development of user interfaces for its TIX platform, TradeIX has been interviewed to provide insights into the principles of designing such solution for the blockchain. Sam Carter, product and UX?UI designer at TradeIX gives details in his experience on approaching designs for complex systems such as the blockchain. In the article he list the following principles:

  • Exposure: Allowing the user to see the processes within the application and understand how the blockchain is working in terms of data visibility, provenance and audit trails is crucial.
  • Consistency: The user interface must be consistent across different products and solutions in terms of overall layout, used fonts, colors and icons. Using a consistent design with common patterns reduces the time of learning for the user and helps fast adoption.
  • Communication: The communication between the user and the application is crucial. It should be concise and clear with internationalization in mind.
  • Trust: By exposing the data to the user with active guidance and clear feedback, trust is accomplished with the user perceiving the applications as reliable, trustworthy, and stable.

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