At TradeIX, our people are our most important asset. We are proud of our team, so we spotlight our employees in this ongoing blog series.

This time we are chatting to our support team and understanding what it takes to keep the back office running. Let’s meet the team.

Hello Ladies… can you give us an introduction to yourself and what you do?

Hi, I’m Anna Holmes, I am an Executive Assistant and I’m based in our London office.
I’m Ana Maria and I am Personal Assistant to our CEO Robert Barnes and I am based in Vigo, Spain.
Hello, my name’s Sarah Clark and I’m the Office Manager in our Kettering office.

Thank you, so what does it take to keep the operation running?

Thinking on your feet and being one step ahead of wherever you can be. Also having excellent communication with the whole team.
Sarah: I second that, I think communication, teamwork and a willingness to source the answer if unsure as well as having an open mind to new challenges and patience (some tasks can be quick wins, others may take further research).

With a multi-office business like ours, I guess organising travel is a big part of the job.

Yes, it’s one of the main components of my role and travel plans are ever changing. We work closely with an amazing travel agent who helps us put together the tricky itineraries we are given. Having offices in the UK, Dublin and Singapore means there is a lot of crossing the globe.
Ana: Yes, It’s an important part of our job, and it can be tricky sometimes, but now we have all sort of cool apps that allow us to see how a flight is going, to book a taxi on the other side of the globe within seconds…so technology has made our job easier than ever.
Anna: We rely on each other heavily as the people we look after often travel together so we need to be in the loop on what everyone else is doing to coordinate.
Ana: Yes, coordination between us is vital. And the whole process is fun. Every day is different so you can never get bored!
Sarah: It’s also great that there is a need for our staff to travel as it allows us to be clever to get things transported between the offices without securing the need for outside services such as a courier.

So, what does it take to keep everything afloat?

Sarah: The support function is the go-to for anything and everything. We are responsible for the processes in place such an onboarding/offboarding and tracking holidays etc. We support our local offices by ensuring supplies are topped up, looking after visitors, maintaining office contracts and office furniture.
Anna: In general, it is a very reactive job, you are never entirely sure what the next call or email is going to be about and we all thrive on that.

The coordination between the three of you sounds pivotal then?

Sarah: Yes, the most important thing about working in a small support team is communication to ensure we are working in tandem with each other and to find the best solution for each query asked. It’s just a bonus that the team is so lovely, and we each have a pivotal role to play in the support team.
Anna: We get along well and work strongly together which helps too. We have a weekly meeting to check between each other about what is happening that week and projects we are working on. But we also speak to each multiple times a day on things as they come up.
Ana: Yes, we are spread all over the world and we have to communicate constantly between us. But even we may work on different continents, sometimes I feel I’m working in the same office as my colleagues. I think that’s not only because of the great video conferences but because of the kind of people we work with: generous and hard-working, always ready to help each other; and that is priceless.

Tell us what makes your jobs different and exciting.

Sarah: The variety is great, we’re never sure what we’re going to be working on day to day. The volume of work is also good as we all like to keep busy. Although we’re growing rapidly, we still get involved in a lot of different things. Our roles are constantly evolving together with our skillset.
Ana: Yes, being part of a fast-growing company, makes you get involved in many aspects and allows you to learn all the time. Our job is about many different tasks being done every day, which makes it very entertaining.
Anna: Given this is new territory to us all we are learning all the time and working on things that you wouldn’t necessarily have access to in an established company. It’s a steep learning curve, which is part of what I enjoy most about the role.

So, what’s great about the company generally?

Ana: I think the key ingredient is our people. This company is quite special: it is a mix of very experienced and very young people working together. And you can see how they admire each other. And their commitment to the project is contagious. We work with a great team, really hard-working. And what to say about their sense of humour? That is maybe the best part!
Sarah: As Ana Maria says, the people really make the place so that is a major factor. Aside from that, I enjoy the autonomy to get on with the job, the constant challenges offered to us, and the amount we get to learn on a daily basis.
Anna: Seeing how the company has grown in the time I’ve been here makes me enormously proud to be part of the journey. We are a dynamic group of people who really enjoy what we do, and I feel it shines.

Thank so much for the interview ladies.