TradeIX will be part of the panel: We’re all fintechs now: Seeing through the smoke of Tradetech at the GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week in Singapore September 4-7.

With Singapore now firmly regarded as Asia’s premier hub for developments from Fintechs focussing on trade finance, this pane; session will bring representatives from both the ‘new’ and traditional trade finance markets together to consider ‘what this all means’ and what the future holds.

Below are listed some of the topics that will be discussed during in the panel.

  • Can tradetech realistically be expected to help close the trade finance gap?
  • Has this led to a culture change with Financial Institutions looking to hire more tech-savvy staff?
  • How far is blockchain from becoming mainstream?
  • Is China still expected to be the leading force in tradetech?
  • How are banks engaging with start-ups? Is this primarily coming through investment or partnerships?

The panel will include speakers from HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank Swift and TradeIX. Please contact us if you want to join or meet us at the event in Singapore.